Welcome to my personal web site


What will you find here? 

Pretty much anything that interests me. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Software Development
    • Java (and related ecosystem of languages, tools, and libraries)
    • Cloud Computing
    • Information Retrieval
      • Full Text Search
      • Speech Indexing
      • Advanced Databases
  • Wealth and Material Pleasures
    • Toys
    • Cars
    • Real Estate
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investing, Finance, and Capital Markets
  • Art
    • Music
    • Film
    • Literature
    • Stills
  • Science of various persuasions, particularly
    • Neuroscience
    • Zoology and Anthropology
    • Physics
  • Human and Planetary Health
  • Politics
  • History
  • Human Performance
    • Success Technology
    • Cognitive Psychology
    • Habits and Patterns
    • Nutrition
    • Problem Solving
    • Creativity
    • The Artistic Process

Most importantly, by spending time on my website, I hope you'll get a taste for what I call renegade philosophy.  I tend to wax philosophical on a wide variety of subjects and if you feel your mind expanding when you're on this site, then it's working as intended.


What else?

You'll also find this a convenient place to connect with me via E-mail, Skype, Twitter, or any of my other presences on the web.  This site is the definitive statement of my activities on the web.  If you don't see it linked from here, it may be someone else with the same or similar name - both "Vishal" and "Rao" are very common Indian names and I have run into many people on the internet with exactly the same name as me.